The Squirrel


There is this squirrel, it could actually be a gang of squirrels I don’t know, but he (they) must be homeless because he is always rooting around in the garbage can at work. The garbage can is near the employee entrance so everytime you walk out there this squirrel comes flying out of the garbage and scares the crap out of you EVERYTIME. He chatters as he runs away so I can only imagine him and his little other homeless buddy squirrels are all laughing at each person every time they do this.

If they are so smart as to figure out how to scare the hell out of me everyday, why can’t they make up their damn minds on which way to run when they’re crossing the street…silly squirrels. As I said before, Squirrels, natures speed bumps.

Enjoy the video and imagine each one of these being squirrels and you’ll get the idea.

Categories : Devious Animals

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