Observations From The Open Road (Until I hit NJ that is)


NYS_Thruway_SignHere are a few observations I made on the open road these past couple of days.

  • I’m not a very good conversationalist…I tried talking to myself but got bored with myself real quick.
  • I have KICK ASS tunes on my iPod…just be happy you were not in the car with me because when I wasn’t trying to talk to myself I was singing LOUD and your ears would have bled!
  • I picked the right time of year to go to upstate NY…the foliage was breathtaking, so much so that I forgot to take pictures…I was dumbfounded, or in a comatose state from boring myself with conversation.
  • Speaking of Lyme Disease NJ has way too many deer…I’m driving through the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains, wide open areas and I didn’t see one dead deer on the side of the road NOT ONE, but as soon as I hit NJ dead deer everywhere. Either NY is better at cleaning them up, they have HUGE vultures that swoop in and clean up, or the deer are just plain smarter in NY.
  • Mad props and shout outs to all the NY driver’s (and you know who you are) that I passed on The NY Thruway…people just know how to get out of the hammer lane and move to the right, smooth sailing through upstate NY.
  • NJ is full of assholes, I’m convinced the planet Assholio established a colony in NJ or a Nuclear Asshole bomb was detonated right in the middle of NJ because everyone, I guess me included, drives like a complete asshole in NJ…BIG MIDDLE FINGER TO ALL THE NJ DRIVERS WHO CAMP OUT IN THE FAST LANE…move the HELL over!
  • People LOVE to gab on the phone when they are driving. Here’s an idea…PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD!
  • Other than the recording studio I was at I couldn’t find many positive things about Schenectady, granted I was only there for 24 hours, but I did a lot of driving around today while wasting time between hotel checkout and recording time…Some very nice OLD houses, a very large cemetery which morbid me drove through lots and lots of Italian names (dating back to the 1800s).
  • And finally It Is Always Good To Come Home Where I Know I’m Loved and I Can Bore Other People With My Conversation.

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