It’s Halloween-What Scares Me?


Scary_Stuff_Poster_Web2It’s Halloween and I figure this is the best time to list the things that have scared me most or still scare me. See how many of these you can relate to.

The Flu scares the crap out of me, I’me talking the real full blown FLU, not some knock off bug. I had it a couple of years ago and it was absolutely the worst thing I’ve gone through. I can see why people die from it.

Rap Music-

Miley Cirus

Pennywise from It-What a Creepy Character.

Gargoyles under my bed, anyone remember the made for TV movie The Gargoyles, when the gargoyle comes out from under the bed? EEEEKKKK!!! Hey it was scary when you were 8 years old.


The Jersey Devil…the real one not that CRAPPY Hockey team.

Spiders. They just creep me out.

The Rolling Stones (now) Hang It Up already!

SNUFFY!!!!! Snuffy was a Saint Bernard that lived in our neighborhood when I was younger. He was MEAN, and occasionally he got out. When he did some kid some where on the block would yell. “Snuffy got out!”. That was our warning to run and climb on top of the nearest car or up a tree.

My Dad, when he was mad you KNEW IT and you were SCARED!

Being left alone with my older sister and brother when I was little. They TERRORIZED ME. Scary noises, turning out the lights…it was a regular Hell House at times.

The Exorcist, there is nothing about that movie that still does not frighten me..scary-face
I’ve seen the movie a bunch of times, in fact I own it on DVD, but because it is a traumatic memory from my childhood it is one that still remains with me. I’ll watch it but it still frightens me

Flying. I’ll do it but I don’t like it.

My wife’s driving.

Ghosts. I believe in them. I’ve seen them and heard them. Trust me ghosts are real.

Squirrels. Read my earlier blog entry and you’ll see why.

Beef Tripe. OMG it is horrible.

Madonna, no longer the sex kitten from the Like A Virgin album, she now looks like Iggy Pop.

The mound of dirt in the basement of my Aunt’s house in Virginia. They told us it was a body. We believed them.

My Uncle Kenny when he took his teeth out and chased us around the house with them.

My Uncle Kenny when he wrapped himself up from head to toe in tin foil and ran out of the woods on a family camping trip. It took them hours to locate all the kids that ran off in every direction. Uncle Kenny was a good guy, he just liked scaring us.

Morgues. After getting out of the Army and before becoming a Police Officer I worked in a hospital, one of my jobs was to take deceased bodies from ICU to the Morgue. ICU was third floor, the hospital was not a big hospital and part of the third floor was empty, the part where the elevator to the morgue was. Enough said.

Japanese Anime-I just don’t get it.

And finally the thing that scares me most…Cleaning Out My Garage!

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  1. Snakes, spiders, and heights are on the long list. My father when he was angry on the short one. Didn’t matter if it was deliberate, was a mistake, or was happen stance- he was relentless in his searches for us and he never forgot a blessed thing. One younger brother and I had a long talk about our childhoods recently. I asked him if he remembered things as I did (hoping once again that I somehow had magnified things in my own mind.) He related instances I didn’t know about, and others that I remembered all too clearly. It broke my heart for him- I was the big sister who was supposed to look out for him and give him a good example to follow. I still feel like I failed him. I’m still looking for the little girl who got lost in all of it.

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