Hello world!


What the hell am I doing? Another blog? Really?….Really!!??!! YES Another blog ok, leave me alone gezz. Snot Bubbles, Seriously? Yeah, Snot Bubbles, Oh like you never laughed so hard that Snot Bubbles came out of your nose, I thought so. I figured we could laugh here together, I hope that I won’t be the only one contributing stupid, silly, wacky or otherwise juvenile stuff here. I certainly hope that you my dear reader(s) will be kind enough to share. comment and become involved in this blog.

While I’ll certainly make every effort to be humorous, I’m sure I’ll post some stuff on here that won’t be too funny, some of my writing etc…don’t worry I’ll warn you at the beginning of the post so you won’t have to suffer through that stuff.

Things I find on my travels around the web that strike me as odd, funny, or just make me say WTF will ceertainly find their way to the Snot Bubble and we can all gawk in all it’s juvenile glory together….I can’t wait.

Keep checking in and bring a hanky!

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