A Phillies Prayer


Phillies-LogoGod, it’s me Pottsie, I know you’re busy right now managing more important things in the world but if you could spare a couple of minutes for me I’d appreciate it.

I know I asked for this last year and I’m sure during that prayer I promised if you let the Phillies win I would never do something again, I don’t remember what it was but I’m sure I promised to not do something that I probably shouldn’t have been doing…I forget. But I promise, please let the Phillies win tonight, and I promise to never do whatever I promised not to do last year again. I know I’m being selfish so I’m also asking you to bring peace on earth and feed the hungry but if you could some how manage to have Pedro pitch the greatest game of his life tonight, and have Chase Utley hit 3 or 4 more homeruns and get Ryan Howard to stop swinging blindly at the outside breaking ball that EVERYONE knows is coming and allow the Phillies to stretch this out to game 7 I promise to call upon you again tomorrow to ask that they win game 7.

Thanks for listening God!

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