Sudden Birth!


You know I’ve seen some pretty strange things in my day, squirrels in garbage cans jumping out to scare you…mice that swell up to the size of an oppossum when submerged in a pool, but NOTHING and I mean NOTHING has prepared me for the dangers of SUDDEN BIRTH!!!!! I’ve heard of Sudden Death, flip a coin first to score wins…is this because you Suddenly “SCORED” (and you know what I mean) Sudden Birth is the result. Is it a fact that every time a football team wins in sudden death a sudden birth occurrs?

I’ve been in the delivery room for my kids birth, it wasn’t sudden, in fact it took a long time. I believe my wife and I knew 9 months before the babies arrived that she would be giving birth not very “Sudden” if you ask me. It wasn’t like one day my wife turned to me and said “Hey guess what, we’re having a baby.” “Wow that’s great hon, we’ll decorate and pick out a crib!” “No you idiot. I’m in SUDDEN BIRTH! LOOK!” “Holy Hell, WTF is that?? WTF Is That!!”

Apparently Sudden Birth is a problem, at least it was back when this video was made. Now I understand things happen and sometimes kids are born in the car, I of course am making fun of the whole Sudden Birth thing. But seriously Nothing prepared me for this video, I thought I was just watching a bunch a very bad actors and then BAM LIVE SUDDEN BIRTH!!! WTF OMG HMSPOF (Holding My Stomach Puking On Floor…please God let that become a new texty thing…please God, and bless all the little boys and girls and let there be peace on earth, Amen).

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls over the age of 17 (because children under the age of 17 are NOT admitted to this without a parent)…I give you….SUDDEN BIRTH!!! GRAPHIC BE WARNED!

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